Privacy Policy

Our Data Policy

  1. Introduction:

1.1 This Data Policy (“Policy”) elucidates the methodologies employed by Uniport Ltd to collect, utilize, and protect the personal information of clients engaging with our services.


1.2 By participating in our services, clients demonstrate their understanding and acceptance of the principles delineated in this comprehensive policy.


  1. Information We Collect:

2.1 The diverse information collected by Uniport Ltd encompasses a range of data types critical to the efficient functioning of our academic loan processes. This includes, but is not confined to:


   2.1.1 Personal Details: Comprehensive personal identifiers such as name, contact information, KRA related information, DOB, address, next of Kin related information.

  2.1.2 Financial Information: Detailed financial data, including income, expenses, credit history, and banking details.

   2.1.3 Academic Records: Transcripts, enrollment status, and other pertinent information from educational institutions. You will also be required to provide academic records for your KCPE, KCSE.

   2.1.4 Employment Details: If applicable, information related to the client’s employment status.

   2.1.5 Guarantor Information: `Guarantor name, guarantor address, guarantor employment details, guarantor KRA pin, guarantor payslip, guarantor

2.2 This exhaustive collection is imperative for the holistic evaluation of loan eligibility, ensuring responsible lending practices, and fulfilling regulatory obligations.

  1. Purpose of Information Collection:

3.1 The multifaceted information collection serves a spectrum of purposes:

   3.1.1 Loan Eligibility Assessment: Collected data is employed to comprehensively evaluate eligibility for academic loans.

   3.1.2 Effective Loan Administration: The data facilitates efficient loan administration, including disbursement and repayment processes.

   3.1. Regulatory Compliance: Information is used to comply with legal and regulatory requirements governing academic lending.


   3.1.4 Communication: Client data is utilized to convey important updates, policy changes, and other information relevant to the loan process.

  1. Security Measures:

4.1 Uniport Ltd employs an array of robust security measures to fortify the protection of client data against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction.

4.2 Access to client data is restricted exclusively to personnel with explicit authorization, and our security protocols undergo regular reviews and updates.

4.3 Data is stored on secure servers fortified with encryption technologies to guard against potential breaches.

  1. Data Sharing

5.1 In the course of facilitating academic loans, Uniport Ltd may engage in data sharing with various entities:

   5.1.1 Educational Institutions: Information is shared for the purpose of loan disbursement to educational institutions.

   5.1.2 Regulatory Bodies: Client data may be disclosed as required by law to regulatory bodies overseeing financial transactions. This may include CRB and the Kenya Revenue Authority.

   5.1.3 Third-Party Service Providers  External service providers, adhering to stringent data protection standards, may be engaged for functions such as credit scoring, identity verification, etc.

5.2 Uniport Ltd ensures that any third parties with access to client data comply with the highest standards of data protection and confidentiality.

5.3 Client data is never sold or leased to third parties for marketing or commercial purposes.

  1. Consent:

6.1 Participation in Uniport Ltd’s services signifies the explicit consent of clients for the collection, processing, and sharing of their data as articulated in this Policy.

6.2 Clients reserve the right to withdraw their consent at any time, although it is acknowledged that such actions may impact the organization’s ability to provide certain services.

  1. Retention Period:

7.1 Client data is retained for a duration necessary to fulfill the purposes articulated in this Policy or as mandated by applicable laws.

7.2 Once data ceases to be necessary for the specified purposes, it is securely deleted or anonymized.

  1. Client Rights:

8.1 Clients possess a spectrum of rights concerning their data:

8.1.1 Access and Correction: Clients can access and rectify their personal information held by Uniport Ltd.

   8.1.2 Data Deletion: Clients can request the deletion of their data under specific circumstances. Information will be deleted if the applicant fails to complete the application within one academic year.

   8.1.3 Objection to Processing: Clients have the right to object to the processing of their data under certain situations.

8.2 Requests relating to these rights can be submitted to [Academic Loaning Organization Name]’s Data Protection Officer.

  1. Data Breach Response:

9.1 In the unfortunate event of a data breach, Uniport Ltd commits to:

  9.1.1 Prompt Assessment: Swiftly assessing the situation to understand the nature and scope of the breach.

   9.1.2 Mitigation Measures: Taking immediate actions to mitigate the impact of the breach.

   9.1.3 Client Notification: Notifying affected individuals promptly in accordance with legal requirements.

   9.1.4 Root Cause Analysis: Conducting a thorough investigation to identify the root cause and implementing measures to prevent future occurrences.

  1. Updates to the Data Policy:

10.1 This Policy may be subject to periodic updates to align with changes in regulations, technological advancements, or modifications in organizational practices.

10.2 Clients will be notified of any significant changes to the Policy.

  1. Contact Information:

11.1 For inquiries or concerns regarding client data, Uniport Ltd provides the contact information of its Data Protection Officer.

Email 1:

Email 2: 

12.1 By actively participating in Uniport Ltd’s services, clients confirm their acknowledgment, understanding, and agreement with the terms outlined in this Data Policy.