Questions on the organization

Uniport Limited was founded in 2018 with a European and Kenyan BOD and managed fully by a Kenyan team.

Our offices are located at Dunhill Towers, 14th floor along Waiyaki Way in Westlands, Nairobi

Loan Application and Loan Selection

The following steps should be followed when applying for the loan:

  • Visit our website uniportloans.co.ke. Click on the login link on the top navigation panel, you will be redirected to a separate window that contains a login form. Click on create account button and inputs all the fields correctly.
  • Click on the loan profile on the sidebar and all the fields. Note that all documents should be scanned to be clear and readable.
  • Once you have completed all the steps. click on submit

The loan application window is always open. Applications are received all through the year.

The application process is free. At no point will you be asked to pay any fee towards processing or consideration of your application.

The application is strictly online. The loan form and supporting documents are all to be uploaded in the applicants account on the student portal. No physical copies will be required to be presented.

The Uniport selection team will review your loan application and all supporting documents. You will then be invited for a series of virtual/physical interviews that you will have to attend together with your next of kin and guarantor.

Having a smart phone is recommended, however, if you don’t have a one, you may need to have access to a device that has internet connection. The application is online and any communication thereafter will be via email – both require internet connection to be accessed. You will therefore need frequent access to a smart phone or a PC.

Login into your student portal, click on the field that needs to be corrected and click on Edit and then save the changes.

Click on forgot password and enter the correct email address used to create the account and press okay, a new password will be sent to your email. Copy the password and Use it to login to your account. On the dashboard, choose setting and change the password to your desired password.

  • Passport sized photo.
  • Copy of ID.
  • Admission letter from University.
  • Copy of KCSE certificate.
  • Copy of result slip for the previous academic years.
  • KRA pin certificate.
  • Copy of the fee structure for the university with stamp from University.
  • Guarantors ID and bank statement /Mpesa statement.

There are 2 selection windows for loan beneficiaries. Selections are done in the month of April (for the May intake) and August (for the September intake) every year.

Uniport Ltd will contact all applicants through email using the contact details provided in the loan application form.

You will receive your disbursement in May after successful   April selection window

 You will receive September after successful August   selection window

Yes. You are required to have two guarantors to be considered for the loan.

Please update the new phone number on the student portal. To update Login into your portal, on the personal information dashboard click on edit to change the phone number. Once done click on save changes.

All loan applicants MUST have attained the legal age of 18 years and MUST HAVE received their national ID cards to proceed with the loan application.

About the Loan Product

A maximum loan amount of KES 120,000 can be awarded every academic year. However, each student is awarded a different amount depending on their tuition fees and financial needs.  

The school fees is disbursed in the beginning of the academic year and the students upkeep amounts at the beginning of the semester.

The interest is paid on quarterly basis . Four times a year from the time you receive your first disbursement.

The school fees is sent directly from our bank to the respective university bank accounts. Your student upkeep money is also sent directly to your personal bank account.

The interest charged on the loan is 13% pa.

You will be required to start paying the principle amount 9 months after your last disbursement.